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November 12

November 12, 2018

Good Afternoon Parents,

We have been working on an individualized menu in our new ecology unit.  Students are working independently or with a partner through our objectives.   Students should be up to Objective 5 on the menu.  If students are not completing work in class, it is rolling over to homework but it is really designed to be completed completely in class so I can provide direction and feedback.   The menu itself, vocabulary, and the online assignments can be found here:

We are continuing with the menu this week:

Tuesday:  (1) whole class review for Quiz on Objectives 1-5; (2) start objective 7 (note there is no objective 6 at this time; objective 6 will be a project next week on animal communication with Dr. Wilkins, our Vanderbilt Resident Scientist)

HW: Study for quiz.  Reviewing vocabulary and the tasks on the “padlet” is a good practice.  Finish objective 5 if not turned in already.

Wednesday: (1) Quiz on Objectives 1-5 (this will be a timed, 20 question multiple-choice test similar to “task card” questions students have practiced with); (2) continue with objective 7.

HW: finish objective 7 if not done in class, due Friday.

Thursday: Objective 8 & 9 (due to MAP testing, we may not have the computer cart and thus may do these objectives as “whole class”)

HW: finish objective 7 if not done in class, due tomorrow.

Friday: Finish Objective 9 and start Ecology Performance Event (“Marine Ecosystem Energy Pyramid”) in class, due 11/28.


Have a great week!


Mrs. Valerie

6th science

Head MMS




Week of October 29

October 28th

Dear Parents,

Here’s the look ahead to this week in science:

Monday:  (1) FINISH: “planning for the future” energy resources essay or poster.  Students have a scoring guide to follow in completing this final assignment in chapter 6.  Again, refer to the online textbook via my website if needed to finish at home if needed. Students should be able to finish in class but it is due Tuesday at the latest; (2) Read ecology preview article on Star Wars-like planets and summarize and imagine an ecosystem.  HW: finish “planning for the future” project.

Tuesday: (1) Introduce menu for ecology unit. Students begin differentiated work plan that will guide us through 10 objectives.  Students work independently and with partners with the textbook, articles, task cards, and the internet to address our objectives. HW: none

Wednesday: (1) continue with menu.  Objectives 1-2 should be completed and Objective 3 started.  HW: finish objective 1-2 if not done in class.  2nd Quarter progress reports go home in each class (these do not have to come back signed).

Thursday:  VSVS. HW: none.

Friday:  (1) continue with ecology menu.  Objective 3 should be completed. HW: finish objective 3 on menu


Please remember to send back conference request forms.  Student-led conferences will be held November 6th.


Have a great week,

Erica Valerie

6th science



Ecology Unit

Ecology Menu:  This shows the assignments for each objectives.  Students are grouped in either “A” or “B” and complete only those assignments.

Click here to go to the online textbook instructions: How to Log into Online Textbook

Ecology Vocabulary  These are the 41 vocabulary words for the entire unit.

Ecology Padlet  This shows all the online activities and videos that students work on for each objective.

Week of October 22

Good Afternoon Families!


Here’s the plan in science for the week ahead:


Monday:  (1) Review Procedures & Expectations;  (2) have 6 of the 8 energy resources on the project completed. Students should be finished with #5 as of last Thursday (HW: get caught up to #6 if not done in class)

Tuesday: (1) complete energy project; (2) read & write: “energy conservation & efficiency” (HW: finish energy project if not done in class)

Wednesday: (1) Open-poster quiz on Energy Resources; (2) finish “energy conservation & efficiency” writing; (3) set up portfolio folders (HW: finish “energy conservation & efficiency”, due Friday)

Thursday: VSVS

Friday: (1) start new unit on Ecology–this is the field of science Mrs. Valerie worked in before becoming a teacher!  (pre-assess; video; diagram of levels of organization in ecosystem)

Have a great week!

Students who need access to the online textbook to complete their homework may access it here:


Mrs. Valerie

6th grade science

Head MMS

Legends of Learning

(1) You need GOOGLE CHROME for the program to work.  On a school laptop, go to your “mymnps” folder and choose clever (or any other icon with the google chrome logo).

(2) Use the google chrome browser to enter:

(3) Sign up or sign in:

username: full mnps email address (for example

password: full 190 number

(4) enter my teacher code to access the playlists:


(5) “choose your mission”.  This is a playlist of games.  Click on the one you want to do.

(6) To get to another playlist, you have to log out and then log back in to start over.











Week of October 8

October 8th, 2018


Dear Parents,

All students should be working on their egg drop projects this weekend. There are 3 parts due Monday and Tuesday.

Egg Drop:    Vessels with the raw egg loaded are due Tuesday and no late vessels will be accepted after this date.   Students have a pink sheet with the instructions for all the steps.  It can also be found here:

If you would like to join us for the egg drop event, please come on Wednesday during your child’s science class hour and meet us on the soccer field!

Chapter 2 Test:  Tests will be returned Monday.  Students scoring below 85% will be eligible to do retake work in class on this day so that the test score will be included in the first quarter.   I had initially planned to postpone retakes until after Fall Break but it seems fairer to give the retake while the material is still fresh in their heads! Also, due to the new grading procedure, this standard needs to be wrapped up this quarter or else grades will look skewed 2nd quarter.  Students not needing the retake will pilot a new online program that uses games to teach and review science concepts!  I am looking forward to receiving student feedback on this new program.

Chapter 6 Project:  Students have been working on an independent project in class researching renewable and nonrenewable energy resources.  They have had daily goals to meet in order to ensure progress throughout the week on the project.  Most students have been meeting the goals and moving through the 8 energy resources.  We will continue this project this week; however we will NOT finish it before Fall Break.

Homework:  By Wednesday in class, students should have completed work on four of the eight energy resources.  If they have not, homework on Wednesday night will be to get caught up to have 4 of the 8 finished.  We will then wrap up the project when we return from Fall Break.


I think that covers it! Have a great week!


Mrs. Valerie

6th grade science

Head MMS


October 1

Week of October 1, 2018

Dear Parents:

New Unit: This week, we are wrapping up Thermal Energy (chapter 2) and beginning our next unit on energy resources (chapter 6 in the book). The new unit does not involve as many physical concepts to grasp nor the hands-on experiences. Instead, students will work on two individual projects by researching and then synthesizing information. There won’t be any “NTKs”, but there also won’t be any labs.

Chapter 2 Test: Students will take a 20 question multiple-choice test over thermal energy (all of chapter 2). It will similar to the quiz they took Friday. The test is based off (1) the notes on the mini lessons and (2) the 3 NTKs and practice problems from this chapter. Students should study from these two things. They may also use the padlet review we did in class, including the quizlet found here:

Online Textbook: instructions for accessing the book are at:

Egg Drop: Students received a PINK sheet with all the information about Head’s Egg Drop Challenge. There are 5 assignments associated with this project, each with a separate due date. The most important to note is that the “vessel” must be brought to school with a raw egg inside on Tuesday October 9th. NO LATE PROJECTS WILL BE ACCEPTED, as this is a one-time school-wide event. For all the details, please refer to your student’s handout or my website:

VSVS: Vanderbilt students will again be coming to science classes to do experiments with our students. Our day is Thursdays and it starts this week!

Here’s our plan for this week:

Day In Class Homework
Mon * Test Thermos prototypes for chapter 2 Performance Event.

*Finalize Performance Event & turn in

*Introduce Chapter 6 project

*study for test

*Egg Drop (see instruction sheet)

Tues *chapter 2 test

*work on chapter 6 project

* Egg Drop
Wed *chapter 6 project * egg drop
Thurs VSVS *egg drop
Fri *chapter 6 project


*egg drop

Have a great week,

Mrs. Valerie

6th Science

Head MMS



Egg Drop 2018

Here are the instructions for the 5 steps of the Engineering Design Process that students will follow for this project:

egg drop 2018

Here are the due dates:

  • EDP STep 1: due 10/8
  • EDP Step 2-3: due 10/8
  • EDP Step 4: due 10/9  THIS MAY NOT BE TURNED IN LATE
  • EDP Step 5: due 10/11

Here is the link to the article that students must read and  incorporate into Step 1:

World’s Fastest Delivery Drones Are Saving Lives. Here’s How

Week of September 24

Week of Sept 24, 2018

Dear Parents:

Students will be designing and building thermos prototypes in teams for the chapter 2 performance event. Each student needs an empty 500 mL /16.9 fl oz plastic water bottle by Tuesday.

For Thursday, they will also need an assortment of materials to use in their construction. These materials should all be stuff from around the house; nothing store-bought.

Our plan for the week is below:

Day In Class Homework
Mon * Mini Lesson on Thermal Energy Transfer *Check Problems

*Work on Thermal Properties NTK or enrichment

  * Be at least 1/2 finished with Thermal Properties NTK
*Bring in empty water bottle
Tues *Introduce Egg Drop Project

* Brainstorm P.E. in groups

*Work on NTK or Egg Drop

*Egg Drop project due 10/9
*finish Thermal Properties NTK

*bring in materials for thermos

Wed  *  notes on convection

*Convection Lab

* Egg Drop due 10/9

*bring in materials for thermos

*finish convection lab analysis

Thurs * Mini lesson on Thermal Properties
* Design & Build P.E. in teams
* Egg Drop due 10/9

start review for chapter 2 test next Tuesday

Fri *(we will finish P.E. Monday due to kids out for Encore)

*check thermal property problems

*review for test

* Egg Drop due 10/9

* Chapter 2 test next Tuesday

NTK=Need to Know (a guided reading worksheet with everything they need to know for the standard)

Here are three important details:

(1.) The next test in science will cover chapter 2 and it will be 20 multiple choice questions pulled from the NTK’s students have been working on. It will be given Tuesday, 10/2.

(2.) Remedial work is due to me Monday before noon in order to qualify to do the Energy Retake Test on Wednesday. Again, remedial work is #1-17 on p. 27-28 in the online textbook. Instructions for getting online are on my website under student resources. The problems should be done on notebook paper and turned in with the signed retake ticket.

(3.)  We will again be holding our school wide Egg Drop Challenge.  Students will receive the assignment on Tuesday.  The project is completed individually at home.  The project is due Tuesday, 10/9 and the Egg Drop Event takes place on 10/10.   Projects must be turned in by 10/9 so I can evaluate them and provide feedback before the Egg Drop the next day.  Late projects are not accepted after 10/9 for this grade.

I think that covers it! Have a great week!


Mrs. Valerie

6th gr science

Head MMS

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